The quintessence of art collaboration: Richard Hamilton at Tyler Graphics Ltd.

Richard Hamilton, Tyler Graphics Ltd. courtyard, Bedford, New York, June 1976

British Pop artist Richard Hamilton died earlier this month, aged eighty-nine. In a career that spanned many decades Hamilton developed his irreverent style in a range of media. He worked with Ken Tyler at Tyler Graphics Ltd. on a series of prints in 1976. To commemorate the life of this legendary artist we asked Ken to reflect on the time he spent working with Richard. His comments are below:

“The quintessence of art collaboration was working with Richard Hamilton.

Richard arrived at my workshop in 1976 with a clear strategy on how he intended to master the art of painterly washes and soft crayon tones in lithography for his “Flower Piece” series – subject matter he had just previously completed as collotypes in Germany. 

Richard drew beautifully, something which added to his virtuoso graphic touch.  He was methodological, lyrical, and inventive.  Interested in every facet of the printmaking process, from grinding the stones to processing, proofing, and editioning, he observed and expanded upon all the subtleties of the medium.

The four prints I made with this gentle, witty, and talented artist, will always remain in my personal Mount Parnassus of memories.”

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