Hardy Hanson, 1934-2012

We are saddened to report the death of another artist from the Tyler collection.  Hardy Hanson passed away in Santa Cruz, California, on January 26.

Hanson worked with Ken Tyler at Gemini GEL in 1965 to produce four print editions: Vault for the deposit of justice, The prophet of justice, Peculiar evolution, Crusadist and Holy One. Throughout his life Hanson maintained his art practice in print and in painting. He taught visual art to many generations of students at several universities in the United States and was Professor Emeritus in art at the University of California’s Santa Cruz campus.

We extend our sympathies to Hanson’s family and friends.


  1. Stephen Lyons

    Hello,Hope you recieve this.I have some photograhs that were done by Harriet Gans who passed away in 1994.I am trying to find out who you woking with in the pieces she had taken.Can you email me and I will send pictures of these to to see.They are neat.Thanks very much,Steve slyons6974@aol.com

  2. Hello,I am trying to reach Ken Tyler somehow.I have original photographs with him and Robert Zakanitch working in his studio.Also these are from the early 1980s I believe.I need to get and email where I could show these to him.If anyone could help me please do.Thanks,Steve

      • Stephen Lyons

        Hi,From Stphen Lyons.I have a collection of Harriet Gans photos and wanted to show them to somebody.I am not sure who are in the photos with Ken tyler.Thanks,Steve

      • Hello,Thanks very much.I will check the site you have given me.Is there any value to original photographs done by Harriet Gans.The subjects are so interesting.Even many I have were used in exhibitions.Her husband stated they were very valuable.I hope you can help.I would love for somebody to go through this collection and help me.I appreciate you kindness.Thanks,SteveEmail is slyons6974@aol.com.If you need phone contact let me know also.

  3. Stephen Lyons

    Hello,I have a collection Harriet Gans photography.She had done photographs with famous artist shown in these original pieces.Helen Frankenthaler is shown painting in these originals.Also about 20 with Kenneth Tyler shown working.These are original and very valuable.If anybody is interested please contact me at email slyons6974@aol.com.I must say over 300 pieces easily.Thanks,Steve

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