Remembering Maurice Sendak

Ken Tyler shares his memories of friend and collaborator, Maurice Sendak:

I was not exposed to Maurice’s books as a young person, but fortunately as an adult I read his books and knew him as a friend.  His unique imagination, wit and humor enlightened all those he touched with his art and friendship.

He was the epitome of the irascible and loving relative whose stories taught and amused you.  Knowing Maurice was very special.  Collaborating with him on his prints and book projects endeared me to his work and enriched my life. He will be remembered and missed and live on in my life as one of the most significant people I have had the privilege to know.

In 2002 I remember visiting Maurice with my wife Marabeth.  He wanted to show us the book titled ‘Brundibar,’ that he and Tony Kushner were working on.  We sat around his drawing table as he proceeded to read to us the whole story, stopping occasionally to describe the characters in greater detail or embellish on the WW II war story.   It was an experience we will forever cherish.

I believe his art will continue to educate and enlighten each new generation, no matter how young or old they are when through his work he enters their lives.

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