The Tyler candid photography collection

The votes are in! You asked for more candid photographs from behind the scenes, so we thought we would begin with an overview of this unique collection.

The Tyler candid photography collection contains thousands of rare candid photographs of artists at work in the  Tyler workshops, as well as in their own studios. The collection is an invalubale resource for students, teachers, scholars and fans of printmaking, providing a unique insight into the working methods of Tyler and his dedicated workshop staff.

Candid photography is shot without the staged lighting, backdrops and poise of professional photographic portraits, so it captures the action of the workshop in a spontaneous and unobtrusive way. The result is like a glimpse into a private photo album, and gives an understanding of the collaborative nature of the printmaking process, characterised by many complex, labour-intensive techniques – but also by happy accidents.

The collection of photographs was compiled over decades by Ken and Marabeth Tyler, and given exclusively to the National Gallery of Australia in 2002. Hundreds of images from the collection have been digitised and made available in photo-essay format on our Tyler website and we are beginning to add albums to our newly created Facebook page.

We are working continuously to digitise new material, so if there is an artist or project you are particularly interested in please let us know!

Below you will find a slideshow selection of images from the collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    • tylercollection

      Dear Sue – so glad you like them! There are plenty more where they came from – we’ll keep them coming!

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