Direct from the source: Ken Tyler on Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein: Pop remix may have shut its doors but for those interested in the Pop master and his working methods, there’s more! Ken Tyler and Marabeth Cohen-Tyler’s visit to the National Gallery of Australia in July last year presented a significant opportunity to learn more about Roy Lichtenstein and his print projects direct from Tyler, the master printer with whom he had a long and fruitful collaboration. Video and audio content captured during this visit is now available on the website, giving audiences access to a first-hand perspective on Lichtenstein and the Tyler workshops.

In conjunction with the opening of Pop remix, Ken presented a rich and insightful lecture elucidating his experiences of working with the artist, fondly titled ‘Reflections on Roy the happy art maker 1969-1994’. Audio and supporting material from this lecture can be accessed here.


A highlight of Pop remix was undoubtedly the 1976 Entablature series of mixed-media prints in which Lichtenstein put classical architectural elements through his own unique Pop Art filter. Produced over two years, the series incorporates screenprinting, lithography, collage and embossing and represents the pinnacle of technical complexity in Lichtenstein’s collaboration with Tyler and the staff at Tyler Graphics. In the video below, Ken outlines some of the many challenges the team encountered during the making of these ground-breaking prints.


  1. Daniel B. Freeman

    Ken__ I have tried to get in touch with you several times in the past year. I would love to talk with you and Mary Beth. I’ve found a few more photographs from the early days in Los Angeles I hope all is well with you two. I always wonder even in retirement what sort of interesting ideas you are coming up with for traditional lithography?I may be moving to Philadelphia to live with my daughter next year, if I do I will end up at your door step with my leather roller and a smile. dbfree

  2. Daniel B. Freeman

    Mr. Tyler besides my personal message, the Roy Lichtenstein Printsyou were describing our a handful of the most beautifully executed images ever to come out of a modern print studio. One of the things that makes them so creative is that they do not look like it took as many hours of intense labor to produce, as it really did. The work is just naturally wonderful. A person working at them, even an expert printmaker, just sees or envisions the beauty of the work. I had always wanted to be able to work, collaboratively,with you and your Roy Liechtenstein on that project.thank you__ Daniel Freeman of FreemanEditions, Los Angeles.

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