Remembering Jennie Tomao

In 1965, Jennie Tomao (then known as Gina) was one of the first artists to make prints with Kenneth Tyler at his newly established custom printing shop, Gemini Ltd., in Los Angeles California. Unfortunately very little has been published about Tomao, but recently her son Charles Lynn Bragg  kindly shared some memories of his mother and his father, fellow artist Charles Bragg:

Both my parents were professional artists, painters and print makers. My Mom painted with her heart and I think her best, most profound and inspiring paintings are her landscapes and trees. The majority of her paintings were sold without taking quality photos of them. Even I haven’t seen all of her work.

My parents met at New York High School of Fine Arts, a specialized school where they were both accepted on their early portfolios. They met, fell in love, eloped, married (Mom 16 and Dad 18 years old) and moved to Detroit, Michigan where my Dad had odd jobs. Two years later, I was born and then 16 months later, my sister Georgia came into the world. Then my parents decided to move to Los Angeles, California to dedicate themselves to making and teaching art. They opened a studio in Beverly Hills where they painted portraits, commissions and taught the young and old (and my Sister and I) painting.

My Dad’s career overshadowed my Mom’s, but she kept painting. He was always in the limelight and her work was in the background. Over the next several decades, they developed their craft, their styles and their message to the world. My Mother’s message was love, respect, awe and reverence for nature and people.

In her late 70s my Mom developed a surprising new look and style in her paintings. Trees were her favorite subjects and she painted dense groves of various trees on a large scale. These paintings were unlike anything she had ever done before. The large scale made a viewer feel like they could walk right into the painting.

– Charles Lynn Bragg, December 2017

See Jennie Tomao’s work in the Tyler Collection.


  1. Carol

    Found a drawing in the garage sale of a young girl holding wildflowers. Signed Tomao the paper in frame has the numbers 34/200. Can you tell me anything about it.

    • Barry Goldfarb

      I have the same drawing print 26/200. I love it. It has been on the wall in my bedroom for many years. The girl is blonde and the wildflowers are being placed in a basket. Does that sound like your print?

  2. Robert goulette

    I have two works of Jennie Tomao: a self-portrait when she was in her early to late twenties 8×10; large plain air California landscape 40×30. Both signed originals. Please contact me so I can get more information on her and an evaluation on these two pieces.

    • tylercollection

      Hi Robert,
      There is very little publicly available information on Jennie Tomao, which is why we sought out her son for his reflections on her life and work. I’m sure if you continue to investigate you may be able to find more information on her! Good luck 🙂
      David (Kenneth Tyler Collection)

    • robert goulette

      Hi Kenneth, Do you have any idea how we can establish the value of our two pieces of Gina’s?

      Robert Goulette 714-325-0258


      • tylercollection

        Hi Robert,
        David here – It is best to seek out an independent art valuation/appraisal service. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. deanna crocco

    I wanted to let Mr. Bragg know I have 2 beautiful original works by his lovely mom. I am downsizing my home & collection and have one, an amazing self portrait, for sale on eBay. If interested, and if you would like to see a picture of the nude as well, I’ll be happy to work with you. My name is Deanna and the listing can be found by searching “Oil Painting Jennie Tomao Bragg”. I also quoted from this page to provide background in said listing, and hope you approve. Sincerely and kindly, Deanna C.

  4. Rita Chemers

    JUST FOUND YOUR SITE, i AM DOING AN APPRAISAL WITH ONE OF jENNIES PAINTINGS. i have 4 of your mothers, paintings including 2 huge ones, You might like photos of them,
    First painting was purchased in 1964.I would not part with it.

    • tylercollection

      Sounds great Rita. Tomao seems to have been quite prolific! We have recieved many messages about her work over the years

    • Carly Helton

      When my grandmother passed away she handed down four works art. For independent portraits of young ladies which all appear to be part of a pencil series out of 200. Would love to know more about the success you had with the appraisal.

  5. Chuck Cecil

    The Braggs lived just down the street from us near Taft High. Not only was Chicks Mom absolutly beautiful she was so sweet. So just kind. Her husband a well known artist. Very 60’s. Kind of Angry. The flip from his wife. Both kids kind and smart, witty, political, talented, creative! A fun house ‘The Bragg’s’. Iconic for a time. The times were bitch’n and not.
    I found this site wishing for art by Mrs. Bragg.

  6. Debra Zenter

    I have had two beautiful lithograph printed cards by “Tomao” called “April” from 1973 by Deja Vu cards/Thought Factory. I have treasured these but never knew about the artist. I am wondering if it’s by Jennie? Very intricate drawing/etching of girl with a large pot of flowers with a ribbon around it. She has floral wreath on her head and shawls, jewels. I got them from a book store in Venice (not there any longer) but never used them. They are sepia tones. I love this work and wish I had a larger print. It is beautiful and so early 60s/70s bohemian. Wish I was able to upload a scan.

  7. Lorna

    I have recently inherited a piece by Tomao of a small Asian girl with her hands folded in front of her. It’s a beautiful sketch.
    I’ve admired it for years the original owner just passed and this was given to me.

  8. Mary Tucker

    I was given a piece from someone was down sizing, it is a large picture of flowers, the frame is heavy but on the back, it tell you about to hang it, hand painted and trim in gold how can get it appraise.

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