Helen Frankenthaler and Kenneth Tyler: a 25 year collaboration

Kenneth Tyler and Helen Frankenthaler worked together on many print projects in a collaborative relationship that spanned 25 years. Below Ken remembers working with Helen and discusses her approach to printmaking. Helen Frankenthaler’s death on December 27, 2011 is a great loss to the world and, within that, the world of art. She will be remembered for her unshakeable confidence, indefatigable in her creation of abstract images.  Helen was both meticulous and experimental in her painting and printmaking, often challenging […]

Remembering John Chamberlain and Helen Frankenthaler

   John Chamberlain, 1927-2011  and Helen Frankenthaler, 1928-2011 The closing month of 2011 saw the deaths of two great artists represented in theTyler collection – John Chamberlain on December 21 and Helen Frankenthaler on December 27. During the course of their long careers these two artists made significant contributions to the art world and their loss will be deeply felt. Chamberlain worked with Tyler at Gemini GEL in 1971 to produce a small multiple: Le molé. The basis for this sculpture […]

Vale John Hutcheson

It is with heartfelt sadness that we share the news of Master Printer John Hutcheson’s death. John worked at Tyler Graphics for over sixteen years, from 1975–1978 and then from September 1987 until the workshop closed in March 2001. John was a key member of the team as a printer, papermaker and Tyler’s ‘right-hand’ man. He was the Workshop Manager for many years and was responsible for the practical management of the print workshop at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute […]

If this chair could talk

Spanning nearly four decades, the history of the Tyler workshops is a rich and complex one, weaving together artists, printers, papermakers, industry collaborators, photographers, writers, film makers, curators, family and friends. Over the years, many of these people sat, mused and even worked in an antique barber’s chair carefully selected by Ken Tyler for the studio. In today’s post, Tyler reveals the story of this unusual workshop fixture.             In 1965, when I set up […]

In with the new

Happy New Year!! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic, restorative break with family and friends and are looking forward to 2015 as much as we are. In the spirit of new beginnings, today we celebrate the 28th anniversary of the opening of the Tyler Graphics workshop and gallery at Mount Kisco, New York in 1987. Featuring a custom-built paper mill, gallery space, artist studio and press room, the new facilities paved the way for projects of unprecedented scale and […]

Page turners: artists’ books

A recent morning spent at a book fair saw me trawling through old exhibition catalogues and artist biographies, emerging an hour later with an armful of pre-loved volumes and a sudden desire to learn more about a different kind of art book – the artists’ book. The focus of much debate over the years, in the context of this post the term is used to signify those books which are made or conceived by artists,[1] and that are ‘dependent upon the […]

Insiders: a printer’s perspective – John Hutcheson

As curators we have a tendency to focus on the artwork, the finished product; however this is only ever part of the equation. The technical nature of printmaking often necessitates collaboration and team work in order to successfully execute a print. Indeed, the prodigious output of the Tyler workshops was reliant on the efforts of a dedicated and hard-working team of talented printers and staff, a fact which we have endeavoured to reflect on the Team page of our website. The […]

International Women’s Day: celebrating female artists

On the eve of International Women’s Day, what better time to celebrate and recognise the significant achievements of the women artists represented in the Tyler Collection. Of the collection’s 77 artists, only 6 are female – in part a reflection of an art world long dominated by men. However, while they may have been outnumbered by their male contemporaries, these women – Anni Albers, Helen Frankenthaler, Nancy Graves, Joan Mitchell, Altoon Sultan and Gina Tomao – were not overshadowed. They […]